Welcome to the Rochester Duplicate Bridge Club!  We warmly welcome you to the table with a mix of in person, face-to-face games and stay at home, online bridge games!  The RDBC holds in-person bridge games at St. Luke's Episcopal Church (COVID vaccination and masks required).  For location and game details, click here.  Our online games during the week can be found by clicking here to see the schedule.

There's all kinds of information available to you by navigating on any of the links on the left side of this webpage; and if you would like more information, please feel free to contact our Club Manager, Sue Greenberg, at 507-365-8236. . .or send her an email at RDBCmanager@gmail.com.
Congratulations to all the NLM players that participated in our Med City NLM Sectional this past weekend!  Players from Iowa, Mankato, even the Twin Cities joined our Rochester crowd as 20 different players earned silver points Saturday (and everyone had a good time).  Get the results on the calendar page - and photos coming soon.
The Friday 499er F2F game at St. Luke's has moved to Thursday (same time, 12:30p) - and the online game Thursday has moved to Friday online (same time, 12:30p).  This move should allow for more in-person 499ers to play at the St. Luke's location, and also allow Northfield players to join the Rochester online crowd for the new game on BBO each Friday.  Check the calendar for the latest on all games scheduled.
Chat Bridge returns to the RDBC!  Every Monday at 10am at St. Luke's you can get into all sorts of trouble at the bridge table guilt-free and in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.  There is a charge ($3 minimum) and mentors will roam the room to help you learn what to do (and what NOT to do) with the cards you are dealt.  Bring a friend!  And there's a 299er game Monday following Chat Bridge in case you'd like to try out some of what you've just learned.  **PLUS** play four times on Monday mornings and we'll give you a FREE PLAY for any regular RDBC game (so you can stick your toes in the water at no additional expense!).
A Grand National Teams game at St. Luke's Church has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 29th!  This team game will both qualify players for the D14 GNT Finals (and maybe a trip to Reno?) as well as pay 1/2 RED points.

Get a foursome together and either sign up on the teams sign up sheet at the Church or you can email Sue with your four players.

The Rochester Duplicate Bridge Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(C)(7) organization, governed by the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service and which is not for the profit of any person.  Organized in the state of Minnesota in 2020, the purpose of the Corporation is to operate a social club for playing bridge and promote, grow, and sustain the game of bridge and serve the bridge-related interests of our members.