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Bridge students Becky Cook (L) and Mary Balau (R) along with their beaming bridge teacher Sue Greenberg, after having come in 1st in the Rochester Sectional's Friday NLM pairs.  It all starts with learning more about bridge!


  Spring 2022 Classes

Additional Building Blocks for Duplicate Bridge
Thursdays, March 24 to May 19
9:00-11:00am   *No class April 14    St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Sue Greenberg will lead a quick review of Audrey Grant protocol, then move on to dealing with distributional hands.  Each class will have some emphasis on defense.  We may even learn a new convention or two.

Pre-requisite: at least two classes in Grant curriculum, continued use of transfers, Stayman, weak two bids, strong two clubs, 1NT responses.

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Competitive Bidding in Bridge
Tuesdays, April 5 to May 17
6:30-8:00pm    Northrop Community Educ Center

Tired of having your opponents steal the bid from you?  Layne Vinje is teaching this class for those who have been introduced to bridge and grasp the basics of opening the bidding and responding to an opening bid.  It covers additional tools available to you in a competitive auction.  You will learn about preemptive bidding, overcalls, takeout doubles, and more!  The course is based upon Audrey Grant's book "Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding."

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Bridge For Beginners
Tuesdays, April 12 to May 31
10:00-11:30am    Northrop Community Educ Center

Grab a friend and learn to play bridge - the greatest partnership game in the world.  Learn bidding with a few easy conventions, such as Stayman and Transfers and strategic play using pre-dealt hands.  Joanne Long will teach this class based on "Bridge Basics 1- An Introduction," by Audrey Grant.  Books can be purchased in class.

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