Where We Play 

This is where the fun happens



Well, generally, we would have card tables and bidding boxes all set up for you - and a map with easy-to-follow instructions on how to get here.  Everyone is welcome to play with us!

These days, however, are very different for everything, but especially for the social component of duplicate bridge.  Presently, we are playing at the computer in our office; or perhaps on an iPad sitting in front of the fireplace - or maybe on the phone!  Hopefully soon (even if not soon enough!) we will be back at the table, and when that happens you will find our location right here - and you'll be welcome to join us.

One of the benefits of our current situation is that it's never been easier to play duplicate bridge.  There's no driving, no traffic, you don't have to change out of your pajamas - or even get out of bed.  So join us online!  

The online site where we play is called "BridgeBase" - you can find it by clicking here, and if you would like a tutorial on how to play online, click here.