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We'll set see you next year - mark it down - May 20-25, 2024!

       The Minnesota Gopher Regional is taking place again this May, at the Crowne Plaza Aire Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota!  The official flyer for this week-long get-together is on your left; click on the flyer to enlarge it (and print your own!).

Our I/N program for Advancing Players is bigger than ever, with 299er games Monday through Thursday and our famous "Lunch 'N' Learn" program with our infamous teachers.  Gold Rush games are held every day and now include a single-session entry option (if you'd like to play just one session during the day).

New this year is the Mini-Soloway style Golden Gopher KO - where you'll play everyone in your bracket before moving on to the knockout round.  It's a terrific format and pays LOTS of masterpoints!

Side Game flexibility for all players is still available, with single-session entries allowed in the Open Pairs each day.  You can still win gold points, even with a single-session entry, by winning your section.

All this - plus session times are now 10am and 3pm so there's plenty of time for lunch options between sessions!

When you are ready to make hotel reservations at our host hotel, the Crowne Plaza Aire Hotel in Bloomington, click here for the reservation form - and use code "MGB" for your special rate.  ALERT:  The parking fee for bridge players at this hotel has been waived!

Also - we are a CA$HLESS tournament!  You can pre-purchase your entries online by simply clicking here.  Use Express Entry to pre-pay your entries and skip the line at the tournament!

Calling all Advancing Players - join us Monday through Thursday for our Lunch 'N' Learn program!  Here is a look at this year's speakers and the topics they'll cover in between sessions during the Gopher Regional.  Bring your lunch, and plan to learn a few new things!

    Monday 5/22 - The Art of Deception - Stealing Tricks with Larry Huiras
        Sometimes it takes a thief!

    Tuesday 5/23 - Strong Two Club Bids with Greg Caucutt
        Will cover requirements to open, responder priorities and bids, and rebids – by both opener and responder.

    Wednesday 5/24 - Five Defensive Strategies (and when to use them) with Connie Nelson
        You’re “on defense” 50% of the time.  Often we ponder "What should I lead?"  Ask instead "What strategy should I use here?"  Come learn five common tactics to set the contract or prevent unjustified overtricks.

    Thursday 5/25 - Negative Doubles with James Schnepf
        Partner opens and you are ready to respond, but your pesky RH opponent overcalls, taking your bid away.  Now what?  Come learn about negative doubles, and how to add them to your arsenal of “tricks.”
       In-between bridge sessions on Friday 5/26, everyone is invited to pick up a few pointers from Steve Gaynor and Jean Boettcher during the Friday Morning Session Post-Mortem.  Come and hear Steve and Jean preside over a discussion of the Friday morning hands, spotlighting some of the trickiest and most interesting hands of the morning!

(Open to everyone, this discussion will be held in the playing area during the lunch break on Friday.)

In addition to the great bridge, late May is a wonderful time of year to be in Minnesota.  Check out some of the other goings-on around the Gopher Regional that are other than bridge for your hours away from the table by clicking on the form below.

       Also - here's a handy form you can print out to schedule your own personal partnership and teammates during the week!  Just click and print on the form to the right and you'll have everything square with your partners (double booking is so frowned upon) - PLUS there's a handy spot to include who's buying lunch that day.

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