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One more week of tournmaments before all eyes are on Louisville KY for the NABC.  Two regionals get going on Tuesday the 27th, with one in Tucson AZ and another in San Miguel Allende GJ.  Tucson is a five-day affair, with six days of play in Mexico.  These will be the last of the regionals before the break for Louisville.  There is one first-time post-COVID regional getting underway today, that's at Williamsburg VA.  Back in 2020 (that last tournament there) 1,657 tables were in play - that's a nice tournament!  Four years later, if history is any guide, you should expect roughly 740 tables for the week.  Lots of things have changed for the Williamsburg crowd this time around - this tournament has cut its schedule from seven days to five; there are no side games; there are no 49er or 499er pairs events; there are no midweek Swiss teams now; and some online events have been added.






FRIDAY:  The Swiss teams events that were held in 2020 at Williamsburg VA were moved from Sunday to Friday in this 5-day event this year; Open team tables were not that far off from four years ago (32 today, vs 34 tables in 2020) - but the Bracketed "B" team tables dropped by almost half (58 tables today vs 104 in 2020).  Overall, this tournament wound up at 615.5 tables - that's 37.2% of the total tables from 2020's tournament, but considering this was 5 days instead of 7, the per day CTC is at 51.3%.  

THURSDAY:  The first regional in four years has completed four of five days now, and tables at Williamsburg VA today came to 146.  That's a CTC of 49.7% to 2020's day 4, and it's right in line with the week so far at 49.9% of 2020's tables through four days.  Just one more day, and that's for Swiss teams tomorrow; these are events that took place on Sunday last time around - this time they're on a Friday - but overall, this tournament is looking to be shy of the post-COVID first-time regional average of 57.1% of pre-COVID tables.  (Seriously, to get to 57.1% for the five days, they'd need 155 tables tomorrow, that seems really unlikely.)  There's another KO starting in San Miguel GJ today - with tables that won't be posted until tomorrow evening.  But without those tables, the 53 tables of pairs have already produced the strongest day of the three south of the border.  Today's CTC is 151.4% of last year's day 3.  And the super-early returns from Tucson AZ show today's pairs event tables are running at 111.7% of last year's day 3 pairs tables.  More coming tonight.

WEDNESDAY:  Third day of five at Williamsburg VA, with a slightly better daily comparative table count (CTC) of 54.3%.  Open pairs holding their own (22 tables vs 24 four years ago on day 3), but Mid-Flight (24 tables vs 36 in 2020) and Gold Rush pairs (29 tables today vs 64 in 2020) taking a hit.  Teams also off, with no KOs from four years ago, just Bracketed Teams, and the 116 KO tables from 2020 on day 3 showed up as 84 tables today in the Bracketed Swiss.  Likewise, a better day south of the border, where 47 tables were in play at San Miguel GJ.  The Open pairs scored huge (47 tables today, vs 32 tables last year on day 2, or +46.9%), but there were 12 Swiss team tables last year in the afternoon on Wednesday.  If there are any posted today later on, look for an update.  Even without them, the daily CTC of 97.9% is much better than opening day.  Super early numbers from Tucson AZ today look a bit off, with the Open pairs, 299ers, and Gold Rush running at 78.0% of day 2 just 12 months ago.  There are several brackets of Swiss teams underway, and again, once those get posted - look for an update.  EVENING UPDATE:  The bracketed teams in Tucson came through - pretty wild - with 98 tables today, or up +32.4% over the 74 tables in this event last year.  This was just enough to carry Tucson over the line today, with the 175.5 tables in play edging out the 175 tables last year - yes - by half a table.  Well done!  There was a late add to the San Miguel table count, as a KO that started yesterday was posted this evening - along with an 8-table side game from this afternoon.  That puts San Miguel at a 2-day CTC of 121.0%.

TUESDAY:  It's tough for these first-time post-COVID events, as schedules and even days are moved around and chopped up.  Day 2 at Williamsburg VA had a bit better attendance, with 141 tables in play.  That's a second day CTC of 50.9% to 2020's day 2 there; but there are only three events (Bracketed Teams, Open and Gold Rush pairs).  This also makes it difficult to compare event-to-event.  Four years ago there were 19.5 tables of 499ers at Williamsburg, along with 14 tables of Swiss teams and 21.5 tables in the side games.  None of those events or tables are around this afternoon.  Things got going in Tucson AZ today, and they are off to a great start.  163.5 tables today, that's up +20.7% from day 1 just 12 months ago.  Almost everything was in positive territory, with Open pairs (42 tables vs 31.5 last year, or +33.3%), Bracketed Teams (72 tables vs 54, or +33.3%), and 299ers (11.5 tables vs 7.5, or +53.3%) doing really well. . .and the Gold Rush (38 tables today, vs 39.5 last year) just off a bit (that's -3.8%).  The 2024 Mexican Nationals got going today as well at San Miguel GJ, where the 35.5 tables of open pairs players was just shy of the 40 on day 1 there in 2023.  Much more bridge to come.

MONDAY:  It's day 1 at Williamsburg VA, where there are only two events available to players - Open pairs and the Gold Rush.  Lots of other changes for this tournament are also in the cards (see above).  But the last time this event was held (pre-COVID, 2020) there was a KO that started on Monday with 118 tables.  None of those tables will be around today.  The 58 tables of Open pairs this opening day are much higher than the 24 tables they had four years ago on day 1; and the Gold Rush tables (31 tables today) are right in line with the 32 tables back in 2020.  Overall, the CTC for today at Williamsburg coming in right at 44.7%.

Open Regionals in the post-COVID world have gotten to the point where you're seeing a second (or third!) of the same tournament since clubs reopened in 2021.  Still a few smaller regionals with their first go-around may experiencing table count comparisons to five years ago, but the overwhelming majority of open regionals are back to operating on an annual basis.  How are they doing?  This chart compares total tables to each same event held one year ago - and tables per day of play in some cases (you've got these tournaments going from seven days to five due to post-COVID 2022 worries, then back to seven as crowds come back, it can get to be really kind of maddening).  NOTE that 2024 Regionals which opt to have a District-wide online event during their regional week are seeing far more players than the previous year - and at a much greater rate than those tournaments which do not employ the online option.

Couple of notes about these figures - they're for F2F tables only, so do not include authorized online tables during F2F regionals.  (For example, the very first 2024 regional in Myrtle Beach SC has online games scheduled.  They won't be added to these totals, but they will be noted here and on each individual tournament chart below.

For the few 2024 open regionals that have not been held since the great reopening in 2021, those tournaments are listed just below in the yellow box.  Here, they are compared to their pre-COVID events - keeping in mind that the average post-COVID tournament CTC compared to its pre-COVID predecessor was last seen in the 56%-57% range.

2024 OPEN ACBL REGIONALS - Detailed table counts by event along with their year-over-year performance and total face-to-face tables.  Online tables (if any) noted below but not included in F2F comparison percentages.  Percentages are by number of days in the regional.  Click on any chart to enlarge it and open it in a new window.




















    This tournament is happening right after Labor Day 2024.  If you're a regular visitor to this website (and find the data presented here informative) we'd humbly ask you to consider making the trip to Minnesota next September.  It's going to be a party - and we're planning to impress.  Think about it!  (We're an hour south of the Minneapolis airport, altho planes do fly right into the Rochester airport which is ten minutes from the playing site.)