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MARCH 2024



[1/27/24]  There's been some concern among bridge players that the Silver Linings Weeks on BBO are not only making it far easier to earn silver points (previously "the toughest to get"), but that these online payout weeks are impacting local F2F sectionals.  There might be something to it.  Above in the January 2024 Sectional charts, you'll note a decrease in both table counts and players during the online Silver Linings Week - and to the left is the weekly average tables per game on BBO for the past two years.  What's outstanding on this TPG chart are the five weeks in the past two years that are way out of whack - all five weeks are Silver Linings Weeks - and that each successive Silver Linings Week is seeing bigger games online.  The most recent (January 20, 2024) is 6.5 standard deviations above the mean.

    This tournament is happening right after Labor Day 2024.  If you're a regular visitor to this website (and find the data presented here informative) we'd humbly ask you to consider making the trip to Minnesota next September.  It's going to be a party - and we're planning to impress.  Think about it!  (We're an hour south of the Minneapolis airport, altho planes do fly right into the Rochester airport which is ten minutes from the playing site.)