Online Mini-Lessons

Including notes from past RDBC classes


RDBC CLASSES MATERIAL from some of our best bridge teachers!  Click on any topic to review.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Bridge Etiquette - from Mike Salschieder

DONT (Disturbing Opponent's No Trump) - from Greg Caucutt

More On Bridge Etiquette - from John Ryder

Control-showing Cuebids - from Sue Greenberg

Losing Trick Count - from Bill Heyer

Rules for Reviewing the Bidding - from Sue Greenberg


CHAT BRIDGE TOPICS from Arne Fockler
(always great material to review, click on any topic and a .pdf file will open up)

Eight Ever, Nine Never, and 5-3 vs 4-4 Fits
Analyzing The Opening Lead
Attitude, Stripping A Hand, and End Plays
Blackwood and Planning For Entries
Dealing With Misplays
Deception and Other Strengths
Fear of Slam Bidding
Hand-Limiting Bids and When They're Helpful
Intimidation, Slow Play, and Honesty
Bad Splits - Lemons and Lemonade
Locked On The Board
Losing Control
Lying and Blasphemy
Negative Doubles and Limit Raise Bidding
New Minor Forcing and Breaking Rules
The Principle of Restricted Choice
Pushy People
Reverses, Sensitivity, and Lasting Fun
Reviewing Mistakes
Stretching Bids and Snapping Cards
When It's Urgent To Take Your Tricks